Stéphanie and Pierre Nicol

We both routinely deal with different professionals. Over the years, we have developed a good sense of what constitutes good and – less frequently –  excellent service. With that in mind, saying that Shirley is excellent is simply … an understatement.  She is beyond excellent.  In our (admittedly demanding) view, Shirley is … stellar!

Shirley not only knows her market extremely well, promptly returns messages and always fulfills her promises.  She also truly listens to you so that she understands your needs.  She has the right level of self-confidence and soft skills to provide you with sound advice, make you feel that you are in good hands, and “tells it as it is” so that your expectations are at the right level.   Shirley also negotiates in a very effective manner.

But all that is simply the beginning of the “Shirley experience”.  Rarely have we seen someone going the extra mile in such a consistent manner to ensure you get the best possible service.  This applies before, during and even after the transaction.

Among many other things, Shirley took care of finding and managing service providers to take care of a few things that needed to be fixed prior to having the house on the market.  She even provided furniture from her own house to stage our property so that it showed at its best.

The impeccable quality of Shirley’s service and her negotiation skills largely contributed to the sale of our house and this, at a fair price and in a short period of time.

Soon after the sale, we moved 500 km away, but still had the house in Ottawa for a few more months before the new owners took possession.  Without even us asking, Shirley volunteered to “keep an eye” on our property while we were away.  Throughout the process, Shirley’s dedication was such that it made us feel as if she was selling her own house!

In short: we were delighted with the “Shirley experience”.  We highly recommend her!


Stéphanie and Pierre Nicol
8 Leatherwood Crescent – Stonebridge